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True. I've got over 20 years riding experience. Two years ago, while out on my supermoto, I had a moose dart out in front of me. It was 6 am, I was doing 80 km/h, and was riding in a heavily forested area. I managed to avoid the moose because I was ready. I had practised tons of emergency stop manoeuvres in my early years. I brought the bike from 80 to zero in no time, the rear tire locked up slightly, enough to chirp (which I think frightened the moose causing him to turn and run away). It all happened in a blink.

I've avoided many other accidents, mostly cagers who've pulled out in front of me or into my lane. I only laid a bike down once: too much front brake pulling off a road into an empty parking lot (there was sand at the entrance to the lot). I was cold (riding in 5 degree Celsius), tired, had a headache, had been riding for 90 minutes. A bone-headed split-second decision to pull over to adjust a neck warmer I was wearing and BAM I was down. I could hear my helmet hit the ground and I slid. No injuries due to wearing all leather (during my cruiser days). Only thing hurt was my pride.
Cold sneaks up on you and and you sometimes don't realise how badly until you stop to fuel up and look for your wallet and try to remember to zip up all those jacket pockets before you go. Being even a little cold for several hours will burn up so many more calories it can really effect your concentration so always eat when you are out for those big days.

If you are forever telling stories about those stupid cagers who constantly pull out on you and the near misses you keep having then you have got it all wrong. Stop, think and change the way you are riding because you will get hurt eventually...or worse. People who ride bikes (and pushbikes) who think they operate under the same road rules as cars and upwards are sadly mistaken.
My frame of mind in traffic is always, "if someone does something dumb and these cars start bouncing around like a pin ball where am I going to be"
...30 metres back in the extreme outside of the lane. If someone wants to run over me on the freeway they are going to have to be parked in the emargency stopping lane with me. I can't stand watching guys 10 feet of someones bumper almost on the centre line under the premise that you can see whats happening up ahead better. The car beside you changes lane without looking and they only have to travel 3 feet to get you.
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