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Originally Posted by bfd70 View Post
So I just last night picked up a new to me 2007 R1200R with 9 thousand miles . Around here, it is getting to be a little late in the riding season, temperature wise, but I'd like to get as much riding in as possible. I have a warm and safe liner, so I'm good to go. My question is this: can the battery handle a second liner for my wife?

It's not really the battery that's a concern for running extra electrical gear, it's the alternator. That year appears to have a 600 watt alternator. The bike itself uses somewhere from maybe 200-250 watts for the computer, fuel pump, lights, etc. So as long as you don't add more than ~350 watts of additional load you are fine. If you draw more power than the alternator is providing, then you start pulling from the battery. Do that for too long, and you'll drain the battery while on the move, and the bike will go dead.

You should easily have enough power for two jacket liners (up to 90 watts each), heated gloves (~20 watts per pair), plus running your heated grips, and even add some driving lights... the new LED lights use almost nothing for wattage (10 watts each?).

Just be aware that the alternator probably only puts out the full 600 watts at close to 4,000 RPM. At idle it may only be putting out ~250 watts. So if you have a bunch of heated gear cranked up, and are in stop and go traffic, you may start draining the battery.

On the good side though: if you use a heat-troller for the jackets, you will only be using some percentage of the 90 watts per jacket, based on what the setting on the troller is.

What you will need to do is run a separate fused lead for each jacket. Two jackets @ 90 watts will pull too many Amps for a single lead.

Enjoy the cold weather riding, it's a lot of fun when you are comfortably warm inside your gear.

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