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Originally Posted by Kawidad View Post
I beg to differ. The website is owned by Suzuki Global and the model featured is the production model, not the concept bike. This is not an uncommon marketing ploy in the internet age.

The AIM expo is a new venue, so who knows what's going to happen there. The world into will be most likely be in Milan in November, which is the big show. I would expect that if Suzuki is targeting the North American market heavily, then it will be unveiled at the AIM show, if on the other hand, they are not, then I would expect them to hold onto it until November.
that's fine. you can.
this was the question?

"anybody know why the US Suzuki website has not been updated with the new Vee?"

A Suzuki Global website is not going to be where Suzuki NA intros a new model. Like you said that is just marketing buzz. Excitement till the official intro for the they can take pics for their mags. That's how it's done man. Been there myself for them.

Suzuki has the largest booth at AIM and so it's a best guess considering the pre-hype going on. The timing is right. Just before the official intro, it hits the internet with quality pics. It's like clock work if you've been paying attention to history.

And that is my answer.
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