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Originally Posted by NitroRoo View Post
My son is 9 and rides on the back with me fairly often. I haven't taken him on any very extended rides yet, but he's been riding with me or on his own XR50 since he was 5.

The laws in the states where I have lived have all more or less been the same - they have to ride on the passenger seat and be able to reach the pegs.

The kid has ALWAYS loved bikes

I agree, awesome pic!

Although mine (and me) are much older I've found if you start them young they'll always have a little bit of motorcycling in them. And the right kind of motorcycling, not the "I'm going to be a (rebel, pirate, whatever)" kind of biker they may turn into at a later age.

Heck, my kid has more bikes in the garage than I do...
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