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Amigo por favor… Dronie. The way I read and see it…Hacking is still in your blood in spite of how much ya love Queen Bee who wants you to cease and desist!
You got a great group of Hackers in the Northwet!
You have come a long way in getting the Hack prepared for all these trips of yours….mods you made that I envied, even copied!
Your stories!
Sh*t happens.. so what ya wanna do: go trout fishing, mushrooming, gardening like you said!… Do the best you can and fix it. Car is OK… maybe find a low mileage 1150GS or even a later 1200GS, go through the attachment dance all over again and go out and slay the CDT for us all. You’re good at it.
I sorely miss my rig and adventures…should have thought hard before selling mine to Duncan, but am glad that Duncan is continuing the adventures. SWMBO said I jumped the gun…
My now current adventures which you can read here:
Took this trip which I missed via Hack due to inclement weather at that time but it’s not the same although still great but kind of artificial.
Wanna do what I did here, nah.. you’re not cut out for this yet!
Go Hackin’

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