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xr600 single handed rebuild with a twist

Hi Guys,

I have loved reading the xr rebuilds and have wanted one for a while so here is my single handed rebuild (i broke my arm a couple of weeks back) with lots of pics, and a few new ideas.

Ethanol is cheap here and i am considering setting it up to run on that.

Anyways, on thursday i almost got a free bike as the seller was so stoned he droped the cash which i saw driving out. I gave it back to him and he recounted it!?!

the bike is somewhat rough but i think the motor may have been rebuilt possibly with a 630 cylinder? the seller had a crack at making into a 'desert racer' he said. I understand this to mean he threw away the headlight etc... and put on a big tank.

i stripped it down today, and there are some issues;
1 the kickstart is welded on
2 he said the bike splutters at high rpm - stators??
3 the carb seems to stick

the plan is to put it back on the road so it will need lights, blinkers, mirrors, and a kickstand switch.

the frame will get reinforced and then powdercoated

considering rebuilding the motor - can i trust him? out put splines are average. i will sort some more photos out tomorrow. welcome on board and i look forward to your advice.

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