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A couple of years ago my wife and I were on our Triumph Tiger/Sputnik rig in Altoona,PA at a red light. Across from us was a city cop. When the light changed he did a U-turn and got behind us. I thought, I was sitting at a red light, what did I do wrong? I pulled into a gas station to get gas and he followed me. He came over and said " That's a Tiger with a sidecar! " One of his fellow cops pulled in to see what was going on and we stood there talking bikes. They waved as I pulled out and headed home.
The other day we were in State College,PA and pulled into Barnes and Noble on our 2013 Ural. A car came flying up and stopped with a man and woman in it. The guy was giving us two thumbs up and kept saying "is good, is good" Then he said "Is Russian, I am Russian" His wife said he went crazy when he saw the bike and we made him very happy.
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