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Cape Breton (to be continued)

Mr. Egg was a slight side trip from exploring the Atlantic Provinces, he happened to be only an hour away from our first stop in western Massachusetts.
Before grabbing Mr. Egg we had to deal with a flat tire. (note to self, always carry spare inner tubes on long trips!). We found a Harley dealer that was open on Sunday about 50 miles away with the right size inner tube! So it was a late start to the day.
We made our way north through cold wet New Brunswick over the course of a couple of days, then on to PEI. The next morning it was my turn for a flat tire. I pumped it up and limped onto the ferry heading for Nova Scotia. At the ferry terminal they had free Wi-Fi, and that is where my friend learned of a family emergency. There was no choice but to make a B-line for Baltimore after fixing the flat. Nobody in New Glasgow had my size inner tube or had time to fix it, so I bought a can of Fix-A-Flat (best $5 I ever spent!).
The first day we did 500 miles in cold heavy rain (thank God for Gerbings) and the second day 700 miles in the sunshine. (note to self, get cruise control and a new fatter ass).

Mr. Egg was headed to Meat Cove, the northern most point on Cape Breton, and the most beautiful campground I have ever been in (many years before).
So since Mr Egg couldn't make it to that most northern point, he is at this one instead. Happy hunting!

The money shot.

Pass through these

At the end of a winding road there is this parking lot

Directly opposite the parking lot entrance is this pathway.

Walk down it till you come to this view.

Walk to the very end of the point.

At the end are these two bushes, head to behind the left one.

Under the concrete wall where the helmet is, Mr Egg is resting.

Directly under the E

Mr Egg will be!

Apologies for the late posting, it is because of server issues.
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