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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
I just pulled up his profile. 0 Posts. That means that every single post he has ever made has been deleted by a moderator.

If dude wants to post pictures of his wife, more power to him. But there damn well better be an old motorcycle in the photo for this thread. Just saying....

LOL, his photo hosting service keeps deleting them too, the only reason that he has 3 posts now is that his photo service is deleting them faster than the mods. For awhile there he had the links in his sig and on his profile, but those have been deleted too. Yall do know that a guy like this is home jerking off to the idea of you all looking at his wife right?
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Originally Posted by Martin Blank
loner, lonegunman, get it. Thatís the whole point. I like the lifestyle, the image. Look a the way I dress.
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Cavemen must've designed them shortly after inventing the wheel.
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