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Originally Posted by MAN OF BLUES View Post
did you by any chance put some rocks on the package?

if that guy that was fishing does'nt get curious and pick him up, the next Nor-Easter storm that blows in there might carry him away... hell he's only 6 feet from the water.....

what time did you shoot that pic? looked to be morning....tide is low then, goes up almost 3 ft by afternoon tide...
oops, thats down by the bridge

at Northpoint it's
a high of 1.7, a low of .7 ft

oh well, might add an interesting twist to the game, finding when and where he washes up along the coast....
(is there anything in the bag telling folks to come here online and notify if they find it?)

I am glad you brought him back down into the USA though..:frea ky
I made sure nobody saw me hide the egg, and it is hidden well under the sea wall. Only a major storm would dislodge the egg, and even then it would float (maybe up the coast to Cape Breton Island!).
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