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Sony Xperia Z1 torture test?

I need a new smart phone and was wondering if anyone has any real world experience with how well the waterproof sony Xperia's hold up?

On the stats I noticed the ZR and new Z1 and Z ultra have higher waterproof ratings than the original Z.
Anyone have any experience with vibrations? Can they hold up to mounting on a motorcycle?

I was considering an iphone with the "lifeproof" case but in almost all the reviews I read on it, customers agreed it made it harder to hear and be heard with the lifeproof waterproof/droppoof case. My thought was it's probably making the case waterproof that muffles the sound?
If I started with a waterproof phone and got a case that just added impact protection it would be easier to do that without muffling the sound?

I live in extreme environments, am demanding of all my equipment, don't have time to baby things and am a bit hard of hearing - those are the driving factors in my "which new cell phone" purchase. Any other ideas are certainly welcome!

FWIW I had a Samsung Rugby Pro which CLAIMS the following:

- Passes Military Standard Specifications MIL - 810F
- IP67 (Ingress Protection Rating 6 & 7. 6 means "no ingress of dust whatsoever"; the 7 means can be immersed in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.)
- Can be dropped from 6.6 feet

Reality from my unbiased customer experience was:
- it did do well on the drop test. I don't think I ever dropped it from 6.6 feet high, but probably 5X dropped it to concrete from the height of my hanging hand of +/- 3'.

- water test wasn't close. In pocket with heavy rain rendereds the speakers useless until dried out.
I once (I know - very stupid) put it in a glass of water to "show off" for about 30 seconds. All the ports were tightly closed and it didn't work for 3 days but was fine after taking it apart and having it dry out for about 3 days.

- It can't hold up to vibrations at all. I mounted it on my handlebars to use as a GPS on my KLX250/351 (the 351 vibrates a bit more than the 250). It only lasted a few hours and it shook some of the internals apart. I got it repaired at the Samsung HQ here and tried it again (after some inmates insisted that wasn't what caused the breakdown ) and it broke the battery and charging system. I thought it was finished but found with a new battery and using an external charger I could charge the battery and then put it back in the phone.
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