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Originally Posted by roger 04 rt View Post
The above AFR plots look suspect. There's no way that the stock bike is that lean at 3000 RPM. And you'd really like to know the torque down to 2K RPM with some accuracy. It looks as if the stock bike is better there but I think that's an anomaly due to measurement technique.

The kind of thing I'd like to know is this. You're on the road, in 4th gear, 2500 RPM. You open the throttle 1/3 to 1/2, what is the rate of acceleration before and after? Or, what is the lowest RPM you can run in 6th gear that won't buck when you open the throttle. Or, at what low RPM does the torque start to fall off at. Each of these things can be measured pretty easily with a GS-911 or even observed by riding. A simple richening of lambda at the O2 sensor improves them all.
As we have been discussing this for a good long while now, I simply cant help seeing some bias here. I mentioned that the stock bike had an upward of 18 afr as we spend some time driving on the dyno. You mentioned back then that was impossible. I saw it..... Here we are again, and you say it is an error. I say it is there, weather you like it or not ( not trying to pick on you....I am really not) but I trust the dyno, and the results it yields. You seem to put all your eggs in the gs-911 basket, but I will trust the dyno any day over the gs-911. I will admit to that you know more in depth, and the inner functions of the BMSK, than me.... hands down, but I think it is wrong to discredit dyno results that has been so clearly illustrated.

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