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Originally Posted by Red Dust View Post
Got my ECU flash last week. It did remove the restriction in the first gears (why did Yamaha put restriction in the first place?) so now it got good bottom end.
Noticed a bit more torque mid range.
Biggest change was the smoother gear changes and can now change gears without my pillion rider bump her head into my helmet, I like that.
Unfortunately it did nothing for the vibration, when others wrote smoother I thought it meant less vibes but it was not the case :-( so my chase for less vibes continue but running out of options, thought this mods would have helped: Aftermarket muffler, CO adjustment, adjusted sync screws, heavy one pounder end bar weights, Flexx bars, foam grips, different bar angles, ECU flash. Have not tried the Rox anti vibe risers and what about synthetic oil?
Spend too much money to sell it so I have to live with it until there is a bike that will suit me better.
I was one of the people who had the vibes improve after my reflash, now my throttle hand doesn't fall asleep. Did you verify that you got the latest ECUnleashed revised reflash?
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