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Think I asked about if it was the latest flash version, should be since ECUnleashed exist a bit everywhere, anyway the tuner said the others raved about it.
I guess 30 years of riding start to catch up with my hands but having said that I personally think this bike vibrate more than many other I owned and definitely in the top of vibration kings in my book at least.
Thought the bike was getting better and could even do 4 hours between fuel stops without major problems but since I started to fiddle with changing bars back & forth it became worse. My hands got a real shake up from the aftermarket ones and maybe they did not "heal" up before my trip today after putting the stock bars again, getting pretty quick to change bars now :-)
Might as well continue anti vibe farkle and next up might be the vibranators and the 2 1/4" anti vibe bar risers from Rox also will get fresh foam grips and maybe other hand grips as well. Maybe my upcoming 6000 mile service will fix some vibes, I refuse to give hope as yet.
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