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Originally Posted by kalahari-k View Post
It's exciting watching your progress down to central America. Regarding the really hot weather...have you done the wet t-shirt thing? You strip to the waist in the wash room, dunk your shirt in the basin, wring it out a bit, put it back on, hop on the bike and have amazing air conditioning for up to half an hour. It worked so we'll for me I bought one of those water absorbing vests......absorbs 5 pounds of water and slowly evaporates, cooling you down. That failed for me though, because the last few pounds accumulate around your waste, stay wet and don't evaporate, so then you have this soggy thing to deal with, not to mention the annoyance of that persistent wetness around your waist. I wonder about some convenient source of water on the bike to re-wet the shirt, or have a couple of wet ones in ziplock bags or something like that. It's heavenly while it's evaporating in hot weather.
Thanks for the tip, I have given that some thought but never tried it yet. I'll give it a shot.
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