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Originally Posted by Quirky View Post
I know this looks impressive.
IMO 2hp seems like sfa difference really, yes it's in a positive direction, but-

Would the same dyno and bike re-produce the same benefits in the positive direction if you keep the same programmed PC-V map and then-
changed it's elevation?

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking that losing 8kg's off my fat arse might just be an even bigger improvement than a 2hp gain at a controlled altitude, humidity and enviroment.

I'd also take a decent suspension package over 2hp gain any day.

Noted, and yes. I would like to think that the results would reverse them self if he reversed the install. But mind you, we are not just doing this for the power. I only gained about 5 HP on mine with all the extra junk, but in my case it was to make a better handling bike, as mine was impossible off idle. So bike control was the ticket for me, and a smoother response through out the band. The fact that it yielded a few more HP.... I will take it too.....

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