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Originally Posted by Quirky View Post
I know this looks impressive.
IMO 2hp seems like sfa difference really, yes it's in a positive direction, but-

Would the same dyno and bike re-produce the same benefits in the positive direction if you keep the same programmed PC-V map and then-
changed it's elevation?

Hmmmm.... I'm thinking that losing 8kg's off my fat arse might just be an even bigger improvement than a 2hp gain at a controlled altitude, humidity and enviroment.

I'd also take a decent suspension package over 2hp gain any day.

The dyno graph posted doesn't really show what happens under 3250rpm's very well either and if any thing it trends into negative territory. It's under these RPM's what really counts in rideability for an ADV bike. Or am I missing something?

The dyno operator has the ability in input temperature, elevation (?) and humidity. However, many, if not most, dyno pulls only last a few seconds and the machine only gets rolling at above 2000-2500 rpms.

A more interesting test would be to put the bike in each gear at several rpms between 2000-4000 against a load controlled dyno, turn the throttle a fixed amount and see what the rate of acceleration was. This is more representative of what we want to know as riders, IMO. However, this is the type of costly testing that only a company can usually afford.
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