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Laugh Now *THAT'S* entertainment... Funny entertainment, too!!!

Originally Posted by Superstar View Post
Or *have* ridden a flashed bike and are just galled at the thought of throwing $500 at a bike that should have been right for its $13K price.

Bottom line...stay out of WOT above 5K RPM and the CJM will do just fine.

While I have to echo Pluric's eloquent rebuttal... I also have to laugh, out loud, a lot...

At what price do you think Yamaha should charge for how the bike is delivered? $500 less? A thousand?

How do you feel about the Super Tenere not coming with a skid plate? Or less than perfect suspension? What about the rear rack that's more of an ornament than useful for carrying stuff?

Or would you rather have all the bells and whistles the Beemer WetHead has, and its claimed increased power - at a BMW price - even though you might sacrifice the Yamaha's bulletproof reliability?

Perhaps you buy bikes like people buy appliances... but I buy to help stir my soul, and to make the ride there more memorable than the destination. Not operate the bike at WOT above 5,000 RPM??? You've really got to be kidding, right??? You may want to ride like you're driving a school bus, but that's not me... Nor do I think it's the vast majority of the "adventure" bike buyers out there, or Super Tenere customers, either.

Do you bemoan the fact that some Super Tenere's came with Metzler Tourance EXP's while other came with arguably inferior Bridgestone Battlewing's? Do you claim Yamaha charged you too much because perhaps the stock seat doesn't work for you? Or the stock windscreen? Or stock handlebars? Perhaps I'm missing something, but I really don't hold a grudge against Yamaha because they didn't come consult me directly before release of the Super Tenere... I'm just glad they decided to sell it here!!!

But, hey... If you prefer a band-aid to a real performance improvement (let's not forget the many reports that the ECUnleashed Gen 2 re-flash also improves fuel economy) then by all means, go with the CJM... And when you ride off-road just ignore buying a decent skid plate and instead curse Yamaha for not giving you one in the $13-grand you paid... If the seat doesn't work for you by all means flip Yamaha the bird and suffer a sore bum and more frequent stops... If the bars make your wrists ache don't change 'em, just tell yourself it's too expensive and too much trouble to swap 'em and that you can live with it... All while riding around under 5,000 RPM and missing a lot of enjoyment of a truly magnificent motorcycle.

Yep, that's the answer!!! Curse the night and miss enjoying the day!!!

But me... I love my ECUnleashed re-flash... And my Parabellum windscreen... and my Penske shock and Stoltec-modded forks... not to mention both my Cee Bailey's *AND* Seat Concepts modded seats... Etc., etc., etc.!!!

And imagine how friggin' pissed those BMW, KTM, and Multistrada owners must feel when they have to spend any $$$ to improve their bikes!!!



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