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Originally Posted by lightfighter View Post
heres a silly question...

im going to pick up a miller 211 tommorow.

i dont have 240 in my garage, yet. there is a retired hottub outlet on the porch, i need to crawl up into the roof, and drag the wire back to the garage before i can hook 240 up.

but since the welder runs 120... and im only welding 1/8 plate and .095 wall tube... does it even matter? will the 211 run better on 240?

background: i havent welded more than a couple tacks in 15 years. i was pretty good with a stick and ok with mig and oxy/acet back then, but the whole idea of welding again is kind of a mid life crisis. i have a few projects in mind, and i feel like i need to re learn an old skill anyway.

Yes it will always run better with more voltage. About the only time more voltage on a welder will get you into trouble is welding really thin stuff. Then you can pulse it, or should've got a box that can go that thin.

Rated output:
150 Amps at 23.5 VDC, 30% duty cycle (230 V)
90 Amps at 20 VDC, 20% duty cycle (120 V)

Maximum amperage:
30 210 A (230)
30 140 A (120)
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