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A big +1 on the Clement tires. 3 of my 4 bikes wear Clement rubber with the dedicated CX rig swapping the LAS file treads for Kenda Slant Sixes in the wet winter months. When the Kendas get used up, I'll be replacing them with some MXPs.
Its funny that Clement has come out of the woodwork. I used Clement back in the days of silk sewups, they were the /only/ tire as far as I was concerned. Sewup prices went to the moon after they had a big fire in their factory in the 70s, and I ended up switching to clinchers, first the Michelin Elan, then later 700c. Nada peep of that name for 30 years. Apparently Pirelli bought them back in the 80s, and they rapidly sank into obscurity, until an American firm, Donnelly Sports, bought them in 2010 and revived the brand, making the tires in Thailand. The only "Donnelly Sports" I can find anything about is a team uniform reseller, doesn't seem to be any connection.
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