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Originally Posted by inyang View Post
Have you tried removing the left pedal, clean up the thread on both surfaces - pedal and bottom bracket, re-install and torque to spec?

What FSA crank are you running? SL-K?

Can't remember if you mentioned it earlier.
Yes, SL-K light.

I have had a shop pull it apart and then I did it myself just yesterday morning. I bought the tools to remove the bottom bracket cups and the crank arm is self extracting. The noise sounds like the cups are loose in the frame but I can assure they are not. It took every ounce of arse I had to remove them. The shop threw them back in with Loctite but I cleaned all that up and reinstalled with grease. I swapped pedals early on to make sure it wasn't the pedals, which do have a small amount of play in them. (Look Keo Max with about 600 miles on them). It's not the pedals. It has to be in the bearings.

I have the Dura Ace chainset and the bottom bracket and new chain sitting in the shop awaiting install. If you want the SL-K crank let me know. I am getting a return shipping authorization from FSA for the bottom bracket cups and mailing them back to FSA along with 30 lbs of gravel.

The chainset is compact. I guess if the hollow spindle is coming loose from the crankarm that could be the creaking and popping.

I was considering upgrading the Merckx to an ultra torque chainset but I think I'll leave the square taper bottom bracket installed. Using a wave washer as a means to set preload seems pikey to me. But maybe that's just me.

Post some more photos of your rides, Inyang. We've been waiting.
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