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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
Just get a latina to ride pillion in a wet t-shirt. Problem solved.
That may create more problems than it solves

Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
The wet shirt deal works far better in less humid, yet still hot, environments.
You'll need to soak it in ice water when riding in high humidity, and then the inevitable soggy waistline happens. And saggy too, if you are like me.
At the moment the heat is pretty dry but I'm not riding for the next 10 days. I expect the humidity will return in short order

Originally Posted by sgtsandbagger View Post
Down south I just run a gel ice-pack on back of my neck on long street rides. Fools my brain somehow and I get goosebumps. I keep a couple of spares in a thermos and refreeze them at night.
Wearing a light and breezy helmet helps too. Love Airoh helmets! Even prefer MX helmets down here as long as the speeds are under 160 kph.
In Mexico you need a Hayabusa on the coutas and a MX or Trials bike everywhere else! That's why I avoid the coutas and some of the fast libres, especially Hwy 30 between Torreon and Monclova. Ran the cruise at 200 kph and still kept getting passed.
None of my bikes go fast so now I take the burrow trails instead.

the Hornet DS I have seems to be fairly good for venting. I haven't exceeded 120 kph on this trip, primarily because I think my top speed is 130
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