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Yes I did the flash in WA. Good person to deal with and chose him since the place in Sydney did not respond to several e-mails and heard same stories from others plus the guy in WA was $100 cheaper, I`m not putting any blame on the tuner and have asked him if it was the 2nd gen flash and I should have an answer soon.
If I would not have heard so many others complains I would think it is me but I suppose it could be a combination with sensitive hands due to many years of riding in all weather plus this bike does actually vibrate more than many other bikes.
I did not baby the bike during break in period but maybe should rev it a bit more so it "loosen" up more..
I did have the grip puppies (foam grips) installed for 2-3000 miles but took them off and thought it was ok then, will order new ones asap and do the same thing. If it was not for the vibes and the wind management this bike would be in the absolute top of all the bikes I owned during 30 years. Been fiddling with the Parabellum wind screen and Madstad bracket and while it is better than stock it is worse than no screen regarding noise level, will keep it for rainy days and our Winter, will try the deflectors as well since people swear by them.
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