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I will try and post pictures this evening but for now, all I can say is that the Grom drew a crowd at the scooter rally I went to this past weekend. Everybody loved it and wondered how I was able to get my hands on one of them as they are sold out through Central Texas.

The rally was a lot of fun. Tons of friendly people, great riding roads, and good place where to eat. The weather turned rainy on Saturday evening but we kept on riding anyway. My wife and I scooterpooled to the night event and I am glad we did so. It poured! Being new to riding, she couldn't have ridden back on her own scooter. We rode back to our hotel in a heavy downpour. The PCX really shone in those extreme conditions. I just can't say enough good about the PCX. What an awesome little scooter.

We headed back to San Antonio on Sunday and we felt it would be better to ride a mix of highway and access road (known as the frontage road to us Texans). Yes, I took my Grom on the interstate. I know: crazy. But the Grom did quite well. I was able to cruise at around 60 mph unless I was going uphill. The fastest I saw was 64 mph. Yep. Going downhill with the wind pushing me. The slowest I went was 50 mph. That's quite a range but the Grom really isn't meant for fast riding.

We rode to Austin with another couple. They each were riding a Honda Ruckus. We averaged 25 mph over all. When we gassed up, my mpg was an astonishing 138 mpg and my wife's PCX got a 118 mpg. Highest numbers for us to date. I don't know what my current mpg will be as I haven't gassed up since running at full speed coming back from Austin. I am sure I'll get 100 mpg or less.

The Grom was just about perfect for Austin streets. It's fast enough and has good torque to keep you ahead of car traffic. It's fun and easy to ride and I can't tell how many people asked me what it was or what the displacement was. I love my Grom.
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