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I am quite good at starting projects and not so great at finishing them so I have decided to push forwards with this one and get the frame shot blasted and powdercoated.

I went to a local firm; Mansutti Bros who i thought would be a couple of brothers in a shed but turned out to be quite a big company. I agreed on $150 for the powdercoating and a small amount of prep - I stripped the frame before but they will have to blast away the rust.

Having got shot of that I pulled the head of the motor;

this is the first time i have seen a bearing not supported all the way around

I am guessing this cam has been replaced as the wear does not look like 23 years of use.

my spanners are not the greatest - they wanted to round the head of the bolt because their jaws were made slightly to wide. I have made the difficult decision to treat my self to a decent set.

96.5mm, looks pretty good;

I had to stop here as my sockets are to wide to extract the cylinder bolts.

The plan is to hold onto this bike for a long time, I already know we are going to get along. I say this because you might wonder why go any further but I am going to rebuild her from the ground up firstly so i know she is sound and secondly because this is stralia and i want to find whats out there.
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