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Originally Posted by cpallen View Post
I have less than 100 miles on mine (more like 50) and rode to work today first time. 15 miles combination of urban, freeway, and downtown. Average mpg 57 - I love that! It's as powerfull as my v11 sport - plus is quiet, smooth and really light yet stable.

3.5K= about 70mph; 4K about 80. I haven't been much above that but as previously posted little or no perceptible vibration to me.
Let us know what you think once you get a chance to take it past 5 or 6k - on my f800r it was impossible to miss when you sat at a "sport cruise" of 5k RPMs, and the unfortunately gearing on that bike meant 4.8k at 75mph and about 5.5k at 85mph, buzztastic highway cruises. On an older f650gs I rode recently the damn seat would vibrate above 5k. The difference between that and the R bikes is quite profound. Really, a ~45 minute ride on the f650 had my palms tingling slightly, and I ride an R bike every day - I had forgotten what it was like.

The f800GT is supposed to have some magic in the bars to cut down on vibes, sounded pretty much like a bar snake type of device.

Originally Posted by cpallen View Post
I must really be desensitized as I don't feel any vibration to speak of up to 80+mph. Mirrors are crystal clear as well. Could it have something to do with set up/throttle body sync, something variable like that bike-to-bike?
Is the v11 sport your main point of comparison? I thought they were pretty vibey, but I haven't had the chance to ride one. I went to the f800r from a wee-strom, and the vibration was impossible to miss. (But somehow I bought it anyway )
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