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GT Observations...

First, I overstated the speed vs rpm - it's actually turning about 73 mph at 4000 rpm. I'll stand by my earlier statement though - very little vibration, mirrors clear.

Ph0rk, I've owned a '05GS and briefly a '09RT in addition to a slew of other bikes over the years. I think the amount of vibration from the GS was variable depending upon it's state of tune - the only bikes I recall being exceptionally smooth at high speeds were my ST1100 and Trophy 1200 (4cyl, from 1997 not the new one).

Still, I don't ride fast like that any more. As a commuter, it's just too stressful. I rarely exceed the speed limit by more than 10mph and then it's usually the flow speed rather than me opening it up. I wanted something economical, fairly light and maneuverable but with ABS, Traction Control, and Heated grips. I didn't want a chain. I wanted conventional luggage that didn't look like an after thought and isn't wider than the handlebars. I think you'll agree that the list of bikes that meet all those basic requirements is pretty short - like one - the GT. It's been said before - the GT really is a mini-RT in it's own right. And please, don't suggest I'm ready for a scooter.

So far, the main thing that is bugging me is the off-idle throttle response. It doesn't have quite enough torque and I've stalled it several times. There is definitely room for improvement below 2500 rpm. I'm sure that some of it is me and I'll adapt. Above 2500 though I think it runs great and really handles well. The other thing is a very minor beef about the rear brake. It just doesn't have any bite. Works ok - again, probably something that I mostly need to readapt to.

Love the computer and display, the seat- peg - handle bar relationship is perfect for me. I don't think I have ever been this comfortable on a bike as delivered. I've lost track how many seats, windshields, bars and bar risers I've bought over the years. I can't wait to be able to take a long day ride to see if it's tank to tank comfortable. I wired up a "repair connector" cable for my GPS and added a dedicated Gerbings cable. It's really easy to work on so far. I also mounted my Krauser top box adapter to the luggage rack.

I took some pictures last night and I'll try and post them up tonight. I bought some hyper lights too and will post something about the install. Saturday the weather is supposed to be pretty nice so I should be able to get a good ride in and some pics of the beautiful bike in the wild.
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