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Originally Posted by grumburg View Post
Pulled it in the garage...turned off the 2001. Bought for $1200.
I mean this in the best way possible. You suck.

That is a SMOKIN' deal.

RE: cleaning carbs.

Completely strip them of all bits and bobs, specifically the little spring, washer and rubber O-ring which live under the pilot air screw.

Put the main casting, the jets, emulsion tubes and the needles (only the metal bits, no rubber) in a large pot of water with a bunch of laundry detergent and boil them for ~45 minutes.

They'll come out SO CLEAN that the aluminum will oxidize rapidly if you don't hose them down with WD40 or other light oil.

Admire the shocking amount of dirty scum on the surface of the pot as it cools.

Reassemble. Now would be a good time to install a jet kit.
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