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New Years 2010. To David and Back.

Time to rewind this a bit to days past when getting away for a weekend was possible. A New Years trip to David, Panama.

I had gotten my future-wife her passport as a gift and figured we should use it. We further validated our excuse with the fact it was New Years and I selfishly desired to see what this “International Motorcycling” hype was all about. Excuse validated: RIDE!

31Dec, 0700 and climbing into the mountains on the CR1, Panamerican HWY.

We make a quick stop for gas and to bundle up. It wasn’t enough. I learned on this day that it is over 10,000 ft., even in the tropics.

At 0828 we were fully frozen. We had come down enough to stop, thaw and grub at a mountainside soda.

We then haul ass for the boarder.

By 1500 we had made it to David and checked in.

Don’t remember much from the night, but know it was fun. The next day we had a choice: head West to the beach or East into the mountains. We chose “A”.

We arrived to the beach about 45 minutes away. It was packed and there was no shade. We saw that at least all the people were crowding near the water so who cares how hot it is? We will be in the water. WRONG! I was overwhelmed by the roar of gigantic waves breaking not far off shore. We wander a bit to find out all the people were crowded at water’s edge because they had just pulled two bodies from the water and one was still MIA. This was not a swimming beach. Story went: One guy struggles, two jump in to save him and they all are assumed dead. Happy New Year right?

That was kind of a buzz-kill so Ana and I didn’t set up camp. We headed back to David, where even the manikins really happy.

Back at the Hotel, the peaceful tranquility of the pool area had disappeared.

FLESH! Let’s go!

That was our last night in Panama. We planned on staying one more night but Ana was telling me about her Grandparents who lived just over the border. Hmmm… Sit around the Hotel (David, Panama is boring (IMHO)) or RIDE more… what a stupid question.

02Jan11, 1310. Drove into the border and these guys snubbed their noses at us when we pulled up so I parked my dirty old bike as far away from theirs as possible.

Shortly after the border we turn left off the Pan-am and the pavement ended. We drove and drove, lost at times but just kept going. Looking for landmarks, asking the few folks we did see what lie ahead. I am liking this girl I had just met…

1730: We arrive at Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch. Raw chocolate (Cacao) anyone?

Unfortunately the vacation had to end. We said our good-byes the next afternoon and depart.

The old ferry to Pavones.

1414: A quick stop in Dominical and back on the road.

Just before 1600 we stop at one of my all-time favorite restaurants. El Avion. The Mahi Mahi sandwich is amazing and the view isn’t bad either.

We haul ass for home.

Let us pretend we didn’t drive the last hour or so from Jaco in the dark. Also pretend we made it in time for dinner overlooking the Central Valley at sunset. Much cooler!

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