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Originally Posted by kito View Post
Hi I'm on the lookout for a new bike and at the moment it looks like the 690 with RR evo 2 tanks is at the top of the list. I will be buying secondhand so are the any year models I should avoid or be looking out for ? I see a lot of you guys are changing your exhaust. Is this just to get away from the CAT ? If so has anyone removed the CAT from the OE and welded it back up ? (I did this on my x challenge and it worked great) if I did this would the bike need to be remapped ? ( on my BMW it never) . Are the any known faults I should be looking out for when going to see 690 ? What are they like to work on ? Iv never had a KTM so it's all new to me.
Sorry for so many questions
Thanks kito
The main reason for exhaust swap is that the stock boat anchor gets so hot it's regularly referred to as nuclear. It's not safe and it's heavy.
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