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Originally Posted by Chiriqui Charlie View Post
OK, a couple of comments.

1) Kudos to Juan Carlos. Many new riders spend all their money on a bike, and think the don't need any gear. It looks like he has a good start on this.

2) I can't think of a worse place to go than Paso Canoas to David. Next trip cross the border at Rio Sereno, we can cruise the Highlands and you can stay on my sofá.
1- Agreed. Very surprising for any local to be wearing more than shorts and flip flops. More so if they have never been down. Juanca is doing it right. He is very cautious and goes extremely slow. I got the best mileage yet while riding with him last weekend. Avg. speed was likely around 35 Km/hr.

2- Agreed. Paso Canoas = Sh*t Hole. I am dying to do the Rio Sereno cross. I wish I had done my homework in 2010 and known it was there. Couch invite noted. I will have to build up some vay-cay time for a Panama run.
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