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Originally Posted by slackmeyer View Post
You're making some cool stuff there Clint. I have to ask, are you using the tig rather than stick welding just for practice/enjoyment, or is there some other reason? I think you've said that the TIG machine will also stick weld, and your MIG welder is over in another building so you don't want to use it. Seems like stick welding would be faster/cheaper.

Just curious, I did all my small projects with an O/A welding setup for a number of years just because I wanted to get good at it, it wasn't exactly the fastest or cheapest way for sure. . .
I don't have a MIG, I could probably borrow a mate's one if I decided I really needed it. One day it would be nice to have one for exactly this sort of work, but I'm glad we got a TIG first as it has been great for all sorts of other stuff that a MIG wouldn't do so well.

You are right that I'm doing it this way partly for practice & enjoyment. My machine does do DC stick pretty well & I have done a fair bit of hobby stick welding in the past, but I am finding I can lay in a better weld with the TIG, especially out of position. Not having to chip off slag is a nice novelty too Given these suspension mounts are going to take a beating & the welding has to be fairly presentable to pass certification to be road legal the TIG seemed to be the way to go. Next to the overall budget for this project a bottle or 2 of argon isn't too big a deal.

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