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130 Kms for Breakfast. La Paz – Toro Amarillo Loop.

This was a monumental day for two reasons. YBCAGED agreed to go on a ride with me and a ride further than the grocery store. The route is similar to that of PLAN “A” from last weekend’s ride, done counter clockwise from Mi Casa. Let’s RIDE!

2100 the night before: weather was not looking good, but at 0600 the day of:

Go time!

A flower as I wait to see the Yellow GS round the bend.

It never happened. What did happen was my phone rang and the man was asking where I was. Turns out he beat me to the rendezvous spot but didn’t stop. I found him 10 kms up the road and we continue in a Northerly direction towards Poas Volcano.

At the top and I was cold without a sweatshirt. It was 18C on the dash.
A view of Poas, looking West. I bet the crater is below those UFO looking clouds.

As we near the La Paz Waterfall the construction zone starts.

The bridge is in and now open for three hours a day, one hour at a time and our window was from 0700-0800. We were there 15 minutes early because I thought it was 0600-0700. Good thing we were running late. At the roadblock we of course took the liberties every motorcyclist should and pulled right to the front of the line.

I was planning on stopping at the waterfall to play around at the river crossing because YB brought along his DSLR. Unfortunately the work crew dug out the road and left a giant hole where the road crossed the river. DAMN! I should have gone for it last week.

Once I saw this, we just moved on. We were in front of everyone now.

The road was motorcycle bliss as we continued North.

It is now 0742 and we had mentioned stopping for coffee. We stopped at this restaurant which contained the word Coffee in its name. Perfect!

It was a ghost town. I walked in and there was no one to be found. Only a few wounded soldiers, an empty shot glass, a half of lime and a dirty plate.

We got back on the bikes. In route, I was quite surprised to catch a peek-a-boo view of Arenal Volcano way off in the distance.

When we hit the city of San Miguel we turn West for 6kms to the city of Rio Cuarto. In Rio Cuarto we have success in our search for coffee. It is 0806, the temperature is in the 30’s and we are 63 kms into the morning.

As we pulled into the restaurant and stopped I noticed something amiss. My bike was idling rough. I let it go and discovered as we departed that I had been running with the choke on. Fixed! Now back on the road we take a left and head South a short ways outside of Rio Cuarto. I was going to take a pic of the bikes next to the road closed sign but it now says open.

It was another blissful road with mountains all around while crossing many little rivers and streams. It is also quite empty since it is in a state of disrepair dating back to the quake of 2009.

The further we get South, the more the mountains close in on us. We have reached the “city” of Toro Amarillo and are faced with the wall ahead. You can see the road as it switchbacks its way up the mountain through the washout. I pointed this out to YBCAGED and he replied with “It better be paved.”

On this stretch from Rio Cuarto I had been noticing something strange but all too familiar. My dash light was out and my horn stopped working. As we were stopped for the pic in Toro Amarillo I dismount. What I confirmed was my headlight was dim to almost nothing and when it was turned on no other lights would work. Hmmm…? Turn the headlight off and at least I got a brake light. Good enough for now; onward.

Future Ride Report: Turning right. This day we go left. Mr. Caged is still a bit traumatized from the last time I took him off pavement .

Moving along, zig-zaging up the mountain we hug a massive valley with big drop offs. You don’t want to over-shoot a curve on this road. Waterfalls litter the other side of the valley to help distract you as you go.

At the top, the temperatures have dropped again. A look back North into the valley we just climbed out of.

Another view of Poas Volcano, only this time from the other side looking East.

0945: The Central Valley sprawls before us and we begin our decent.

We stop one more time on the way down the mountain. I didn’t take many more pictures because I had to be at the Hospital to visit my wife by 1100.

Sexy Bi*ches!

We arrived at my house at 1045 after a total of 128.8 Kms. There was time for a few ice cold, morning Coronas.

Hasta La Proxima Viajeros!
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