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all you former KTM owners out some questions

I have big plans for next year. multiday, multi state, long distance trips coming up. right now i dual sport on an 07 KTM 450XC, which is fine for less than day trips. has a lot of work into it its setup nice and does what i ask of it. I am worried that long distance on slap, with me being 200lbs, with gear, and with extra fuel will result in a quick end to the motor, the sub frame, etc.

anyone jump the KTM ship and go to the XRR? I have read numerous posts on multiday, cross country, 1000 miles freeway stretches, all asphalt trips on the XRR. I cringe when i think about that on my KTM. I'm 30, only had a few bikes with the button, so im not too proud to kick.

keep in mind my KTM is a short stroke motor, the SX motor, with a hybrid 6 speed with close ratio 5 and 6. The power is all up high, its a race bike. it can be lugged. but i worry about getting into slower technical sections, with a loaded up bike and riding the clutch all the time to move the bike and the extra weight. so the bike revs great, but for long adventure riding, id much rather have more torque way low where it would be more usable.

I have been offered a trade off craigslist, for a plated 02, all setup, and turns out i know the guy. respect his build, and have no fear in it being a good condition bike.

Other than the no e start, being a bit heavier....which i would prefer for the longer rides on the road....what else would i be giving up?

i have heard the XRR suspension, once setup can be great! and im not that fast or hard on it to probably know. i know im not using the KTM to its potential.

from the looks of all these loaded up XRRs it looks to have a much stronger subframe as well.

who out there has swapped over from orange to red and has some feedback.
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