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Arrived to a quite surrealistic bivouac, kind of a alp village surrounded by sand dunes , it there a bivouac two years ago and apparently nobody been there since that time, a really strange place. We shared one of the alp house with team Korea. No furniture no toilets just a empty building.

Well now to a quite sad story, during the stay in the dunes to check arrival of all riders my brother noticed a rider #31 who followed the leader through the dunes to finish, that rider came back to the dunes without helmet and with a passenger drinking beer, the reason for coming back there to guide another rider through the dunes, this kind of misbehavior and lack of sportsmanship triggered my brother to make a official protest to the rider of bike 31.

The organization treated the protest seriously and found out that the rider of the bike there a rider who retired early in the race and not rider 31 who actually damaged his collarbone.

The rider of bike 31 will not be allowed to start next years race, the rider who got help through the dunes 1 hours penalty and the team a cash penalty of 500 USD, well you could feel some tension from some team members that evening.

In the end of the day I only lost additional 15 minutes on second stage and remain in 6 position but have no chance to reach top 5 after this.
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