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Bluhduh Uh-Oh, how much will this one cost?

Hello fellow Adventurers. Here is what's going on. I recently purchased a plated 2002 xr650r, which seemed to have an appropriate amount of wear for its age (guessing pretty hard on that one though). Mods include Clarke tank, XR only skid plate, goofy homemade rack (that came off right quick), baja designs dual sport kit, uncorked. For about a month I have been enjoying the honey moon phase with my new toy, long dual sport rides to exciting riding areas with copious amounts of roots, rocks, and tight winding single track.
The bike seemed to run really well, much better after cleaning the air filter, which was in bad shape . My only concern was that it seemed to have a fair amount of noise coming from the cases, things just sounded kinda loose. However I read somewhere that they can be like that, and that the big aluminum skid plate can make it worse .
Tonight, thankfully close to home, the bike showed signs of a problem. I went to back it out of a parking stall and it seized for a second. The bike was running in first, clutch in, and it felt like i bumped into a stone, bike just stopped . I rolled it forward and things went back to normal. 5min later i attempted to pull away from an intersection and it went for a second, then lost power to the rear wheel. I pulled it off the road and once again it wouldn't roll backwards, regardless of the clutch being in, or it being in nuetral.
I understand that the clutch bushings are notorious for going bad on these, I plan to start with that. I haven't found much else by searching. Any other ideas? I'm new to these bikes, and am still new bike poor. Thanks All.
By the way, i'm in love with this bike, it's just about criminal to have that much fun on the road, and don't even get me started how much fun it is on a good fire road
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