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Originally Posted by Rob Dirt View Post
The frame on a dirtbike encompasses the engine. Tigers use the motor for the front of the bike. For a guard to attach to the frame it would look like the body work on a crotch rocket. Might as well drive a jeep.

My KTM 950 is a similar engine/frame design and has a functional skid plate. Doesn't look like a crotch rocket, however it is a lot like a Jeep ..... on steroids.

KTM actually designed it from the get-go to accommodate the armor, Triumph really didn't. They just wanted to put something in the Adventure category the way BMW did. Neither had much input in design from people who actually understand the needs of those who will ride somewhere other than to Starbucks.

I think that a fab shop with a designer who grasps what is required could make a functional, frame-attached system that guards the cases and sump, will allow access for oil and filter changes with easy skid plate removal from the "sub-frame," and not look like the lower fairing on a sport bike.

Obviously, you are not THAT guy with the vision to make this work.

I'll place my bets that someone is working on the project now, or, will soon be.

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