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Originally Posted by bross View Post
I think you guys are on your own. I wouldn't be waiting for one to be built. It's just too small a market for anyone to make any money in. Honestly ask yourself how many of there are you that ride the Tiger like a dirt bike? I count maybe 5 or 6? And how many of those 5 or 6 are willing to pay fairly big dollars for a true skid plate? One or two of you I bet. Anyone designing, testing, and producing skid plates in those numbers is losing money.

I love my Tiger and for my intended use (and most riders) any of the already available "rock guards" are good enough.
Good points, being one out of 6, it's worth my time, especially since I have a shop 100 feet from the house and this will be the second time I've had to fix the rubber mounts and straighten the plate. In considering your point about the Jeep thing, maybe I'm looking for more of a solid object other than the sump to take the brunt of the force versus a solid mount, IDK

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