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13. Huffing Dirt

Been hanging out at the Pescadero Surf Camp for a couple days now.

Iíve explored the local areas.

Ate some damn fine tacos.

Adopted a new dog.

Michele got some work done on his whip.

I ate some more kick-ass tacos (this was all for only 44 pesos, less than $4)

And got a bit of lounging in.

Pescadero Surf Camp, you are a nice place. I like your chill atmosphere. I like your style. What I mean to say is, I really like you. But I also need to tell you something, you're great, but you're too comfortable. I'm a rambling man baby, and I need the unknown. I need excitement. Iím sorry, but I need the road. Goodbye for now, Pescadero.

A girl I met in La Paz and her friend are celebrating her birthday in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow at the southern most tip of Baja. Iím going to meet up with them there. I need to get my dirt fix satisfied first though. I picked up the GPX track files for a section of the Baja 1000 race route that ends in Cabo. I can pick up the trail about 10 miles north of where Iím at now and then ride dirt all the way down to Cabo. Saweeeeet.

I packed up my shit and headed north until the GPS told me it was time to get off the pavement and hit the dirt.

Right away I can tell taking this way to Cabo was the correct decision. This is going to be great.

The track is pretty remote, and runs north to south sort of near the Mex 1 hwy but a few miles inland from it. I shut my motor off to take a picture. It is beautiful and quiet here.

The first few miles are really pretty. The road is relaxing. Isn't this part of the Baja 1000? Whatís so difficult about this section of the race? If I was unloaded I would flyyyyy down these roads, and I'm on a beater. They are nice and smooth, relatively solid. Seems perfect.

Oh, that's more like it. As soon as I got cocky, I got stuck in a rut.

Iím still running my 16 tooth sprocket arenít I? Maybe I should swap out for my smaller one if Iím going to be doing more of this... I guess now isnít exactly the best time. I unloaded the bike a bit instead to get some weight off the rear. This did the trick and got her to the top.

The route crisscrosses a few other tracks.

Again I got cocky with the weight of the bike and spun out around a corner on a down-hill section. The bike hocky-pucked on the pannier and spun around 180 degrees before stopping. Iím familiar with ejecting off a small and light dirtbike, bit different getting free of this little piggy though. I was wondering when I would start getting into some decent off road and start coming off a bit. Maybe today will be the day.

Bent the shifter underneath the case. Metal was nice and hot so I carefully bent her back into a shiftable position. Back to work little lady.

Itís really pretty here.

And real dry.

And real hot.

There are lots of little creak beds running through the area. They are usually full of deep sand, and no water.

As I got further south the elevation started to climb and drop quite a bit. The terrain got a bit greener too.

I started seeing signs of inhabitants. A little old lady came out and stared at me after I took this picture. I waved. She looked at me like I was a martian. I waved again. She stared more confused. Maybe waving isnít a universal thing anymore.

More greenery, more elevation change.

The killer was getting tired and wanted another dirt-nap. This time she wanted it in deep sand.

Well shit, thatís fresh water right? Forgot what that looked like.

As I pushed further south the road opened up and hardened out. I could pick up the pace a bit. Hello horse.

Nevermind. More sand.

Like a junky diving into a pile of blow, my bike again couldnít resist a lay-down in the soft stuff. This time she wanted me to lay with her and as she went into the sand she pinned my right leg underneath the right pannier. Glad I got these big SIDI boots. I pushed the bike up just enough with my left arm to reach around and awkwardly dig out the sand under my right leg with my other arm. Leg is perfectly fine. Good engineering SIDI. Get back to work bike, quit horsing around!

Is that a mirage, or is that pavement?

Yep pavement, hello Cabo.

Found the girls and the hostel. Hey Cabo, you like to party right?

"In life sometimes you just need to value adventure above security and comfort."
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