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Originally Posted by kubiak View Post
yea i noticed sunglasses in this helmet starts to hurt after a bit of riding. i think its from pressing them into my head from a tight fit. i was thinking i might smash the foam a little where the sunglass arms press against. any other ideas?
Nope; I don't have any - but then I haven't examined it in a mirror to see just what was the 'pressing' issue.

Anyway, let me go on to describ the helmet. I was told they have three shell sizes, but I have no clue where the delinations of sizes, if they do make three, lie.

I bought a small for wht has alaways been a medium helmet head. I noticed right off what was said about the softer lining foam - that it would probably crush down in months and make the helmet a whole size larger. What I did, then, was to buy the small. Now that I own the helmet, I can assure ptoential buyers that the foam seems even cheaper than that. I mean there really is nothing to the soft foam, and I expect even this small helmet to become loose on my medium head.

A buddy here at work was able to snap back in the flip-dwn visor when I showed him it. It wasn't that I couldn't have, but I didn't even take a look at it since it already failed once - I'd rather just leave it out then.

A small squabble: the helmet doesn't come in pure white, it comes in pearl white. Ugh... I liked the all white cheaper Bilt helmet's loks better, but I need the (potential) venting this one has for Florida. For the money I could always take a gloss white spray can to it I guess.
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