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Vonski, Sam, Lev and I rode Rabbit Valley on Thursday... Lev is Canadian, Sam lives in Washington State and they came a long way to ride, regardless of the weather! It was cold & raining, but we geared up and headed out! Von was running a little late and said he'd meet up with us in the afternoon.

We started with Trail #8 and it was amazing, the sand on the trail which is normally a PITA, was incredible... all the traction you wanted! Some parts of the roads that were well packed were quite slippy, lots of Bentonite in Rabbit Valley. The washes were flowing water and we ran across several waterfalls of varying amounts of water. The trail itself wasn't slippery at all, due to the amount of sand on the ground. It was some great riding!

We moved on to the Western Rim trail and rode it across the Utah border... then decided to head back to the parking lot close to 1 PM. On the way back we came across one of the roads down in a canyon that was flowing about 8-10" of fast moving water. We could have taken the more-dry ATV trail back, but opted for the fun watery road! At one point while hauling ass up the road/river, I was able to get my front tire to hydroplane! It was crazy how much water was moving down the road, it was impressive!

Von showed up around 1:30 and magically the clouds opened up and even the sun came out! He must be a good luck charm! Von unloaded, geared up and we headed out again... this time the dirt was perfectly tacky, not slippery at all! We rode the Western Rim trail again, planning on riding the far West end of Rabbit Valley and working our way over to the Zion Curtain trail. Once we finished the Rim, we came across a large wash that was running fast & deep! We discussed attempting to ride it, but decided it wouldn't be smart. We headed to another crossing which was wider and found (using a stick) that the water was deeper than the seats of our bikes, and the stick STILL hadn't hit the bottom!

We rode the Rim trail back to the trucks as it started to rain again and were talking about making another ride on Trail #8, but the skies opened up and it started pouring. We were soaked and hungry, so we called it a night and headed for some good Mexican food in Fruita! After dinner, the other guys headed back to Green River for another day of riding and I went home, seeking a hot shower and my bed... it was an exhausting day!

Great post! Makes me cold just thinking about it! Thanks for sharing
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