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Day 2

I was up early to watch the sunrise at Havasupai Point.

I usually try to avoid lens flare, but this one turned out interesting.

I pack up and head back on the same roads. Everything seems easier the second time around and I was hungry,
so I made good time getting back to Tusayan where I had a McDonalds breakfast.

Havasupai Point is the only remote viewpoint I know of on the South Rim that you can ride to. The others are controlled by the Indian Tribes.

I've got a lot of pavement to ride if I want to get around the west end of the canyon.

I pass through a bad collision scene involving at least 2 commercial trucks.

I can only go as fast as the truck in front of me, but the guy in the yellow vest above is flapping his arm as fast as he can as though it will speed all of us up.
We were already doing about 30. He probably saw the camera in my hand and he began screaming at me to move along. I screamed right back, "F--k You"!

After a short run on I-40 I take the scenic route along the US 66.
It is Saturday morning so there are Hot Rods, RVs, Harleys, and one KTM out here today.
This Hot Rod driver gives me a big thumbs up.

Oh! I just realized I...




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