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My two cents...

Hi,sorry I missed this thread,,and Zach my technician was out with a cold today...

Read everything twice to see what may have been missed. Or ass-umed

Read everything over once more this AM 10 Nov '13,,will add additional thoughts italicized in yellow
Items needing clarification,,please check off/reply/correct...

1,,Did you bring your bike to dealer with my wheel installed?

2,, if yes,,.was your bike brakes functioning normally before you brought it in??

3,,FYI,,,sitting on the bike the front axle comes in from the right side and pushes the front wheel against the left side spacer...this spacer determines the proper position of the disc on left side..if spacer etc are correct,,the left disc should end up centered on left caliper........If the hub's disc mount surfaces are the proper same/OEM speced dimension on both hubs,,,THEN,,,the right disc should end up centered in right caliper.....( I will check that dimension today and share it with you.)....IF your triple clamp /fork tubes/fork sliders/caliper mounts are not bent,,,then right disc SHOULD end up centered in the right caliper.

4,, some quick measurements that will lead you to separating wheat from chaff
A,,measure the distance from outside edge of left disc to inside edge of right disc = the centerline distance between discs.....both wheels should match,,,if the left disc is centered properly then all the components on left side are properly speced/fine....the problem would then be isolated to right disc mount surface too wide/far to right ,,,(it won't be anything to do with the bearing/axle because the axle will self adjust)....

B,,with wheel out and the axle re-installed and pinch bolts lightly tightened,,,check to see if OA disc centerline distance matches the center-line of your calipers I should be within 0-2mm I would guess.

5,,IF the left disc is centered in left caliper then you have the proper spacer/bearing location

6,,IF you have the proper spacer / left disc properly aligned ,,,then we have
Several possibilities for your current symptoms:

A,,the hub is a bit wide ie,,pushing right disc toward the right edge of caliper.,,(a quick check would be to measure old disc distance and rad hub disc distance),,however you did mention that inserting the OEM wheel/disc assy gave the same symptoms hence it's unlikely that that's causing the problem so next thing to check are the forks....

B,,with front end assembled,,axle tightened AND axle pinch bolts loose. ,,,we will now loosen the pinch bolts on either right or left side rotating the fork tube 360 degrees and watching the disc /caliper interface ,,,you 'll see right away if the forks are bent,,,,because the caliper will move in and out in an orbit. You can check both sides that or both bent fork tubes will give the results you are experiencing depending on the position of the fork tubes.

7,,what puzzles me is that I am assuming that all this happened after you brought a well functioning wheel/ brake system to the dealer before he swapped out your steering head bearings

8,, FYI,,I believe the RAD hub can be flipped because they opted not to use the BMW cir-clip technique,,the only difference is the seals are different,,,,OBTW,,,,the BMW microfiche is erroneous where it shows the cir-clip being on the right side,,TAKE A LOOK HERE:
Zach and i just looked at an OEM i figured the cir-clip is located on left side...not only that,,,, their is a little arrow molded into the left outer flange of hub to denote the proper directional orientation.!!!!

9,, you can measure the OA width of your spacer/left bushing as BMW sez...and I'll check it against our data

Ok gotta get some zzzzzs

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