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I don't normally respond to such posts...

Originally Posted by amk View Post
Wee Strom, DL650 is proved itself as a great gravel tourer in its stock form. Some people were trying to push it even further to unmaitained dirt roads and tracks. And here the problems started to show up. For this kind of riding DL650 was totally wrong tool. The obvious things were enormous mass, lack of suspension movement, and not enough of ground clearance. So everybody has started to address those issues with a great reported success. Check the old threads in this very board for “thin strom”, “suspension upgrade”, “building weestrom for off road” and so on. You will discover the OP just tries to put aged ideas on a commercial footing. Getting rid of the faring, lights and controls, and replacing them with ugly and expensive commercially available aftermarket stuff to save some 4 kg up front. Then get rid of the front fork and replace it with one from DR650, requires DR650 wheal, brake and triple tree mod, to get some more up front movement. Put in a custom build shock with enlarged travel to gain in rear movement/ground clearance. All that has been known for years. Now, none of the bikes that were modified as said and gathered applauses at their time, 7 to 2 years ago, are not here any longer. Why? Various reasons, but I think that people eventually come to understanding that if a system as a whole thing is wrong, changing its components will not turn it into the right one. Enlarging suspension travel will rise already extremely high COG even upper and convert difficult low speed manoeuvres into impossible ones. And it wont turn the road intended rake angles into off road ones. Let alone frame/swing arm lengths. The wrong engine, with no low rpm torque, with hanging filter and oil cooler is not going to get torque or get rid of the hanging down pieces. Taking some mass from the front helps but bad weather protection/wind management will be converted to none. The best in industry OEM head lights and very good OEM instruments will be replaced wirh ugly aftermarket units having ¼ of OEM functionality. And so on.
A resume. To cj – good luck. To all considered, check this board, you will find all suggested mods in described details, they are not that hard for DIY.
Everybody can extend his gravel roads performance by changing tires and performing simple suspension work, and the main – practice. If you intend to go beyond, ride trails, tracks, unmaintained forest/mountain roads do not waste your time/money, get another bike.
...but this thread is about one gentleman's/company's efforts to build a bike they like and make it marketable to others. Why rain on that? Don't like it? Don't buy it or don't change your bike.

I cannot do DIY conversions like others have done. If I was interested in changing my DL650 into something more along these lines, this could be an awesome option, as it seems completely plug and play.

CJ Designs-hope it works out for you.

Rant and thread hijack over. Sorry...
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