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Originally Posted by tweeder View Post
...but this thread is about one gentleman's/company's efforts to build a bike they like and make it marketable to others. Why rain on that? Don't like it? Don't buy it or don't change your bike.

I cannot do DIY conversions like others have done. If I was interested in changing my DL650 into something more along these lines, this could be an awesome option, as it seems completely plug and play.

CJ Designs-hope it works out for you.

Rant and thread hijack over. Sorry...
Interesting plans here. I did something different to the strom I had also. Mecasystems fairing matched to the front end, custom sides to match, custom nav tower and mount, 7 inch custom rear shock, YZ USD front end with 9 inches of travel, spoked wheels front and back, re-mounted the oil cooler and therefore changed the exhaust routing, hence a different bash plate closer to the engine etc etc etc. Looked quite good, went well etc etc.

But I will say this, its a strom, not meaning this kind of project won't work, its more a case of GS riders spend money because the bike cost a lot, KTM riders spend money for a simlar reason. DR/KLR riders tend to less as the bikes cost less and your not buying one of them because of the massive farkles. I mean by this costly farkles, OEM panniers, protection etc how often do you see a GS with OEM panniers etc vs one with no name home made cheapies. You'll do more DR/KLR mods because they are reliable etc.

I think the strom is in the same league. So if this is going to work as a bolt on option the costs need to be pretty reasonable compared to the price of the bike. No doubt people are interested.

In the end my costs could have easily covered a new 690 enduro or equivalent. Mine now has a 1050 tank and looks like a flat tracker, I think pretty cool, but I don't think I'd ever make money from any kind of bolt on kit.

My thoughts, I'll watch with interest.
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