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cost of the kit

Again, all this "project" offers can be easily done by anybody who knows that in order to undo a bolt it has to be rotated "lefty", usually. It has nothing to do complexity wise with in depth projects as of Tileman or others.

Unbolt everything on the front side, go here: get the faring and lights ~ $540 faring, lights up to $195

Search around for Vapor Speedometer and dash, about $150

DR650 fork, wheel, bigger rotor, brake, and triple tree, plus new springs, and some valve emulators. I am sure, having enough time all stuff can be collected under $1000 - $1500. OK, probably OP knows a source for DR560 front for cheap.

Get an enlarged shock form Cogent or similar, again ~ $700 - $1500

That is all. Total ~ $3000. Anybody can easily blow it up to $5000 and higher, but to get it down to $2000 will take some real efforts and/or cutting some corners.

In my understanding, commercially viable it might be, if the OP would have suggested kit + installation for "differently talented".

Buying a used Wee for $3000 - $4000 and put in another $3000 in parts? Do not know.

Guys, buying wrecked or insurance written off bikes, usually know what and how to wrench.
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