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Originally Posted by I Am Murphy View Post
Dude, that came out looking sick! When will you be putting it all back together? This Buchanan wheel, it's the rear? Did you already have a hub to sacrifice, or did they do a total fab for you? That ha been my biggest trouble thus far - mainly because I'm trying to limit costs, but with the rear wheel it's lookin more and more like that's not an option...
Yeah, the terminals face out was phase one, I think I turned my battery around either a year or two ago. Every year I basically just try to make new improvements that will make it easier and easier to maintain on the go...guess I coulda just bought some jumper cables though!
Thanks!! I am just starting to put it back together. Tomorrow I am going to Greenville NC to Travel Clinic for vaccine shots and they have Harbor Freight there so getting blades for oscillating tool so I can cut off some dead weight on the cam cover as seen here Once I get done with cutting it off, I am going to powder coat both primary and cam cover orange before I start assembling engine together. Also working on forks now changing out the fork springs and at same time powder coat a piece on fork then paint letters on it 'Harley-Davidson' just as you would see on KTM.

As for Buchanan's, I am getting rims done for both front and rear. I am having it coated to black and they will assemble it for me. I have no idea when it will arrive here and I am betting it will come in while I am in Colombia.

Edit: Did I mentioned that I am also planning to make my own front sprocket cover? I got couple of idea for it but one thing for sure is that I plan to make a hole big enough for me to put tools through to remove the nut without removing the cover. That's the design I am working on right now.
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