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Originally Posted by ghebinkim View Post
Hey DR350 experts,

Sorry to quote such an old post, but I've got a question for you all:

I'm riding a '91 DR350S that has a 13/43 gearing. From what I understand, 14/43 is stock for this particular model. According to Gregory Bender's gearing calculator, I should be seeing 5700 rpm at 60 mph. However, I'm hitting an indicated 7k rpm at an indicated 50 mph. So... something is wrong or different!

Has anyone had any trouble with their tach over-reporting or the speedo under-reporting? I know speedos generally have a large error, but not THIS large... The only other thing I can think of is that the clutch could be slipping at high speeds, but it feels pretty grabby when I accelerate. Could someone have changed out the gearing in the transmission itself? Ideas would be appreciated... Thanks!

Maybe the tach/gearing calculator isnt working for your bike because the final drive ratios are different(?) between the early years and the later years(?) not too sure about that but it may be the problem
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