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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
Open the throttle fully and see if you can pull/push on the cables just before they connect to the carbs.
This will prove whether or not your cables/throttle handpiece are in order and fully opening the butterfly. can also just reach down doing 80 at WFO and haul on one of the throttle cable housings and see if there some more there you aren't getting.

I would check timing and clutch adjustment. Especially check point gap. it is theoretically possible to run out of dwell at high RPM, but unlikely. If the booster uses a condenser (confirm it) then change that and clean it's grounding point.

Look for loose connections at the coil low side, clean the spark plug cables both ends and the coil sockets, silicone lube in both.

Test the coil for good sparks leaving the plugs installed and putting a brand spanking new plug on the cable end, and grounding it.

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