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Originally Posted by Stan_R80/7 View Post
The dyna booster I used did not require a condenser - but the condenser could be left connected to the points. The points act as a digital switch for the dyna booster (DC voltage) and the condenser is there for converting back to standard points use (when the dyna booster fails).

I would check the float bowl levels and the ignition timing. I would also consider running a can of fuel system cleaner through the engine - for no other reason than it will help clean carbon off the valves. If the ignition system works fine in third gear at 7k rpm, no more electrical energy is needed to operate in fifth gear at 7k. But, being thorough and meticulous in checking the coils can't hurt. Good luck!
Just trying to help but that is patently not right. It does take more energy to fire the plug at the same rpm in a higher gear for the same reasons it takes more energy to fire higher compression. Higher brake mean effective pressure. It takes more energy to fire a plug at the same rpm in the same gear going up a hill. Why? Again, BMEP.

It could be a lot of things BAOLA. Just to save time, whenever I am working on a bike with points and it isn't running right, the first thing I check is the points. Chances are there's your trouble. There are a lot of good reasons why even lawn mowers no longer use points.
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